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Your fashion website represents your brand and image as a credible fashion outlet or fashion provider. As you know, being ‘on trend’ is important as it shows your customers that you are at the head of the fashion game.

Fashion photography is about more than just taking interesting pictures of clothes and models. It is part of the bigger picture which all starts with your marketing plan. The plan, the mood boards, the models, make up, hair and the all-important fashion styling all come from that plan and help turn it into a reality, to create a clear identity within your own marketplace.

We at AHP fashion are used to working with your initial ideas and listening to what you ultimately want to achieve as well as offering our own suggestions from our years of experience.

AHP Fashion is Alan Harbord and his team. Alan has spent many years building and honing his fashion photography skills, and as a result has gained a collection of very prestigious awards at international level.

He is qualified with, and is an associate member of the most recognised industry body for professional photography (The BIPP).

Alan has a close-knit, hand-picked team of make up artists and hair stylists, also based in Kent, who he has worked with for years.
He also has a wealth of resources including location venues, props and recommended models.
If you are interested in hiring a fashion photographer please get in touch for an initial chat about your aims. Once we understand what you need to achieve, we will offer a plan for the shoot or set of shoots, as well as a quotation.

We take on all job sizes, whether it be a one hour fashion shoot for the latest garment, or a large project lasting many days CONTACT

We are based in Kent.
Royal Tunbridge Wells to be precise but fashion photography often takes us to other areas too, especially London and the home counties.

This is a really unique genre of fashion photography which carries with it unique requirements, and rewards you with a really individual look and wow factor.

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Kent Fashion Photographer edge
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Kent Fashion Photographer edge
Cashara are a fashion retailer/ e-tailer based in Tenterden, Kent.
Cashara specialise in beautiful Italian cashmere and silk clothing and accessories.

Finding a fashion photographer in Kent wasn’t easy at first for owner and founder, Cassie Fuller. When she approached us for the first time she explained how she had seen numerous websites before finding AHP Fashion. Having seen the quality and style of our fashion photography, she called us on the phone.

We had a long initial chat as Cassie explained how she had very specific ideas about the look that she was after.

Our brief was to photograph their new collection for display on their website, as well as for large-scale printing for their boutique based in Kent.
The printing required the highest technical quality of fashion images and we achieved this with the use of ‘medium format’ camera technology.

Cassie sourced the mansion, near Sevenoaks in Kent, which very much suited to the look of elegance she wanted to project.

We brought in a make up artist and hair stylist from our usual Kent-based team and Cassie sought the model from a London agency.

Being a Kent fashion photographer means we can provide fashion photography services to the region without you having to venture into the London area, which would have meant more cost and potentially added travel complications.

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Gio Stockings - Fashion manufacturer, shot in Wadhurst, Kent.
Gio Stockings are based in Derbyshire and came to Kent for their fashion photography with AHP.
Favouring our style of fashion photography and quality of work, Gio stockings opted for AHP fashion to handle the photography side of their re-branding.

Gio are a long established manufacturer of fully fashioned stockings and use traditional machines and techniques to achieve an authentic and original look. They are one of the few hosiery manufacturers still working in this traditional way and provide fashions of a unique and timeless elegance that is so rare these days.

One of the things that attracted Gio to AHP Fashion was that we were able to provide a turnkey solution in the form of the location, the style team and model, to complete their vision for a rebrand.
The mansion based in Wadhurst, Kent was the perfect backdrop for their couture and our make up and hair team is also based in Kent, which provides the ideal package for complete photography for fashion houses.

We liaised for a couple of weeks over the decision for the model who was sourced from a London modelling agency.

Gio wanted both lifestyle fashion shots as well as product fashion shots and so we spent one day at the Wadhurst mansion and the second day in our studio in Kent photographing their hosiery.
The end result was twofold; the product packing for the stockings, and the lifestyle fashion images for the website, advertising and fashion editorials.

Gio were delighted with the fashion photography and have now incorporated the stunning shots into their brand new website

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The Bedgebury Collection, Bedgebury Park near Goudhurst, Kent, specialises in high end country attire. Stocking on-trend pieces by top brands such as Pikeur, Bogner, Luis Trenker and Holland Cooper, The Bedgebury Collection provides exquisite styling for discerning gents and ladies enjoying country pursuits.

A web search for Kent fashion photographer lead them to AHP Fashion, and we set up a meeting to discuss requirements for the fashion brand. Owner and founder, Gabriella Atkinson is based near Wadhurst in Kent and we discussed at length her mission for the collection and the way she wanted the fashion to be presented.

Since that initial fashion shoot, we have gone on to provide many further shoots, giving them continuous and consistent fashion photography for each of their new designs and collections. They are continually adding to the brand as trends change and fashions progress and we have been working with them to innovate with backdrops, locations and fresh ideas to keep the fashion brand vibrant and full of energy.

Most of the time the Bedgebury Collection have relied on us for the style team, and our hair and fashion stylists and make up artists always come up trumps. We regularly work together and make a first rate fashion team for Kent.

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The White Room is a high quality hair salon in the centre of the Tunbridge Wells’ historic Pantiles, in Kent.

The management wanted to provide a staff team-building experience day by giving each staff member the opportunity to create a unique and high fashion ‘look' according to their own creativity. Their initial search for a Kent fashion photographer revealed AHP fashion and after the initial phone call, things went from there.

They had to start with a detailed mood board which illustrated designs for hair, make up and the fashion styling. They had been told to bring their own outfits and so turned up with a bagful of garments each. Models and a make up artist were provided by us. Some of the staff members created two or even three different looks.
Whilst they were acting out their creative talent with hair design and styling, we set up a temporary studio in the main part of the hair salon. We suggested a twofold approach to their fashion photography; part studio and part location. The location was of course the stunning Pantiles; an ideal backdrop of Georgian grandeur and ideal for a high fashion look.

It was very satisfying to see each of the young fashion stylists in the making so overwhelmed with the photographs, incorporating the fashion styling by their own hands!
Overall it was a hugely rewarding and enjoyable day for all involved. An atmosphere of hard work, mixed with fun and fashion creativity.

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